The Sacred Feminine: the Rise is happening… right NOW

I just want you to know that we are all a part of this movement.

Disclaimer: I’m no academic. No prophet. No saint. No psychic (or maybe I am… I’ll get back to you on that if all this comes true).

I recently alleged that our New Age influences and modern spiritual discussions, in the form of blogs, books, social media, and so on, will be incredibly important to the Rise of the Sacred Feminine:

“I sense that in this digital age, where printing and reading is so easily accessible, new sacred texts tantamount to the Bible, Torah, Quran, etc, will be harder to identify. Instead, in this cultural transition, I feel we may well be witnessing a subtle and gradual new wave (or reaction) of ideologies that discuss and emphasise the significance of the Sacred Feminine, and the unknowable power of the Universe, in a modern, inclusive context.”

Yes, I just quoted myself. Yes, that is lazy. No, I don’t care. The more I say it, the better. This stuff is important to reiterate.

In some capacity or another, more and more people are talking about the Rise. Writing about the Rise. Thinking about the Rise. In ways that everyone on every level are able to understand. Self-help books and hashtags. Yoga lessons and crystal bibles. And it’s popular.

This could be huge.

Well, I think so anyway. Humour me here.

WTF is the Sacred Feminine?

In case the Sacred Feminine sounds a bit la-la to you, let me very briefly explain what I’m talking about here:

This is not a new concept, but in fact a revival of spirituality that dates back to around 33,000 BC. Yeah, kinda old. It is said that before the rise of Monotheism, that is, religions that worship ONE God (Christianity, Judaism, Islam), there was instead a God Essence that was made up of both the Sacred Feminine and Sacred Masculine. The Sacred Feminine is Mother Earth, The Cycle, The Moon, a Divine representative of creation, fertility, death and regeneration, where the Sacred Masculine, the Mover, The Muscle, The Sun, represents survival, protection, worthiness and humility. Both Feminine and Masculine traits were worshipped equally and said to be found within every individual. Both sides of the coin were married to form a sense of completion and inner peace.

That’s a very basic definition. Head over to my self-help books blog for the writers who actually deliver a deep and fully-informed insight.

Over the course of history, however, religion and spirituality have been re-written to serve the ruling classes and, as a result, a Patriarchy has dominated the Western society as we know it (read Karen Armstrong’s A History of God for an in-depth account). Survival, protection, worthiness and humility have become seemingly more integral than the aforementioned traits of the Sacred Feminine. This worked well for the rulers who demanded order and linear power, and the historians who wrote of them, so it eventually trickled down into the psyches of the civilians.

But spiritual writers are certain that the Patriarchy is no longer satisfying the civilisations who have previously bowed down before it. The American Dream, the corporate ladder, and the survival of the fittest, are no longer phrases that calm or motivate the anxious mind. People just aren’t buying it like they used to.

Thus a revolution is happening, and perhaps this is down to the lack of balance that was once had between the Sacred Masculine and Feminine, way back when. Both divine forces are rooted in an Earth way way older than our contemporary ideologies. Nature has a way of implementing changes to help the Earth flourish. Perhaps our human instinct feels the change wriggling up from beneath the ground and compels us to speak out.

The Sacred Feminine, our messy, cyclic, sensually empowering nature, has been quelled for centuries. But I know this: She is a force to be reckoned with, and right now, many of us believe, is the age where she will make Herself known, in big ways. The Sacred Feminine is rising. She puts the ‘WO!’ back into Womankind. We are hopeful that all genders will soon embrace the sense of completion that comes from within and sets to rock the foundations of the Masculine-dominant culture.

The smallest actions, like just thinking about the Rise of the Sacred Feminine, can help initiate change for the better in what is an anxious Western society. Some people may take the backseat and let others pave the way. That’s okay. But I’m someone who wants to get things moving. I believe my Anxiety is pretty symbolic of the the Anxiety currently felt in the West – that which is the result of the recent political and cultural climate. So yeah. I want to talk about it.

And by reading this small ranty post I came up with in the wee hours of this morning, you too are contributing to the Rise of the Sacred Feminine. Nice one!

So if you do nothing else, just take this in. Mull it over. You could be mulling over an Age that’ll say farewell to the Patriarchy and hello to Peace. Your mulling could make all the difference.

It’s all happening. Right now.

Peace, love and happy soul searching xxx


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