The Sacred Feminine: 3 indications that the Rise is happening in the West

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Good day to you, soul searchers!

Tried my damnedest not to whittle on too much about this, so please be proud that it isn’t 10,000 words long. Bloody love talking about the Sacred Feminine. If you’d like to know more about what the Sacred Feminine is, click here.

I just want to share with you 3 indications that have made me and others truly believe we are in the midst of an Awakening, the Rise of the Sacred Feminine, in the West.

The Rise, and History

Having read some fascinating texts on Spirituality, religion and the history of both, I’m (just) beginning to see a bigger picture, one shared by a rising global sisterhood, that of a way out of the trappings of the current patriarchal, linear, goal-driven, anxious culture that we have got ourselves into in the last century.

OK, so imagine if a historian wrote an account of the current cultural/religious climate that we live in… I would suppose that they may put it as something like this:

“There was a spirit of restlessness and anxiety in the Western World. The experience of living a in huge international digital empire had made the social expectations of the patriarchy seem petty and inadequate; people had become aware of cultures that were alien and disturbing. They were looking for more spiritual solutions.”

Alright… I totally ripped that from Karen Armstrong’s A History of God and replaced a few words to make a point. Here’s the point:

I believe history is repeating itself. That paraphrase was pulled from Karen’s description of the advancement of Christianity in the Roman Empire… in the first century. As in, 0-100 AD. I replaced, “Roman Empire” with Western World, “old religions” with social expectations of the patriarchy and tacked digital in there for a more modernised sense of internationalisation, or more accurately, ‘Globalisation’. If the rise of Christianity is anything to go by… is a rise of Spirituality happening once more?

The secondary and supporting point I would make is this: society, culture and nature change and adapt when previous patterns no longer fit their needs, albeit inappreciable for a human with a lifespan of just under a century… but very noticeable as we travel from one century to the next, more-so when we leap through the millennia. Humans have shifted from Age to Period to Era for thousands of years. Perhaps our world as we know it will change again in order to sieve out the things that no longer serve the Universe’s expansion. And perhaps we can make a positive contribution to this, even if we’re not alive to see it unfold.

The Rise, and Fear

Many Western millennials say that they are ‘spiritual, but not religious’ or that there is a ‘void where God should have been’. The connection with a God is no longer a priority in our society, and those who make it a priority run the risk of being subjected to Otherness. Science and Psychology are dissecting all the mysteries of faith and ‘disproving’ many former beliefs, making it feel like much more of a stretch to believe that the unknown could be the workings of a deity. Secularism has risen and religion has been put on the back bench. Knowledge is power. Unknowing is feared.

At the same time, because of the digital age, the world is getting smaller and smaller. We are witnessing atrocities from the other side of the globe, but we feel intimately connected nevertheless. We #pray for the suffering, while religious extremists use the power of the internet and social media to draw themselves closer to their opponents and coerce others into the fold. It has been believed that the loudest religious voices of the social network are those who speak of fear or hatred. Thus any mention of religion can seem like dangerous territory.

One is a reaction to the other. We witness the struggles of religion in extreme circumstances – a minority with the volume dialled to 11. Knowing that this voice is not a true representative of the values upheld in religion and Spirituality, it is only a matter of time before the majority, the authentic voices in this area, triumphantly counteract fear with love and the masses turn to this love for guidance.

The fear of unknowing and otherness stems from a masculine-driven desire to strive and survive. By honouring the traits of the Sacred Feminine: creation, fertility, regeneration… we can remedy our fears by getting in tune with the natural cycle of life, learning to appreciate the impermanence of life as we know it, and therefore instinctively leading with love.

At least, I sincerely hope this can be the case.

The Rise, and The Millennial Lifestyle

Spirituality, or at least certain aspects of it (meditation, yoga, Hugge, affirmations, crystals, to name but a few), is becoming increasingly popular and a lot easier to talk about since the wake of Instagram, Twitter and other major digital conversation outlets. Spirituality has been ‘in vogue’ since the 1960s, but social media has given it a powerful platform that appeals to the anxious millenial. Although we may still hide behind a conventional guise, we are nevertheless improving our lifestyle with images of self-love and inclusivity, body positivity and wellbeing awareness, which is TERRIFIC.

However, the rise of self-love practices in social media has come about only in the last few years, so naturally we are still influenced by masculine, ego-driven lifestyle goals, or #lifegoals of yesteryear. Examples of #lifegoals that I’m thinking of would be:

  • A successful life can be achieved with an illustrious career
  • Failing that, it can be achieved with a monogamous relationship
  • Failing that, a smoking hot selfie or a popular blog will do
  • Also, share everything remotely interesting/’like’-able about your life online – likes = self-worth

We are at once made by history and making history. We are now in the choppy seas of this transition, and inner conflicts will inevitably come about as a result. These inner conflicts will weigh heavy on the soul if not addressed, even resulting in Anxiety or Depression (well at least that’s what happened to me).

I am still influenced by all of the above, which is why I raise them here. These #lifegoals no longer jibe with the authentic voice, the calling of your soul, the hidden truth, the stuff that Spirituality is supposed to cultivate. They are still prominent lifestyle goals for us millennials, but they are becoming the square peg to our perfectly round hole (ahem). If we want Spirituality to become a central part of our being and the Sacred Feminine to be restored, these things just might not fit as well as they used to.

The times, they are a-changing…

It would seem that in the last decade, the voice of the Sacred Feminine has been heard on a global scale, and is now echoed by the voices of us spiritual souls, both women and men, in writing, social media and even natural behaviour.

No longer will we be satisfied by a masculine ego-driven society. The anxieties of our political climate have created tremors across the plains of the West, and Patriarchy is at the epicentre. History’s foundations are being rocked and it is resonating with us all.

We’ve been out of sync for too long, devoting our efforts and energies to the traits of the Sacred Masculine and quelling the voice of the Sacred Feminine. But Mother Nature, the Universe, will heal against the odds. Just as the body fights off a flu, nature will fight off this societal facade. At once breaking history and making it. Authenticity requires the balance of the Sacred Masculine and Sacred Feminine. Authenticity always wins.

Ok, I’m done.

Thanks for reading. Disagree? Got more to add? Hit me up!

Peace, love and happy soul searching xxx

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